Spring is a jubilation of wonderful scents, colours, and sounds.

A collection of unique and exceptionally delightful sensations

that make this season one of the most cherished.

Through the five senses, you can fully experience all of its enchanting subtleties.

Are you ready for the multisensory journey that will allow you to explore this season?


Our journey begins with SMELL. Spring is first and foremost, the undisputed realm of scents:

when the earth awakens after winter, it is covered with a mantle of fragrant flowers. It releases and diffuses unique and precious aromas into the air, providing an unparalleled olfactory spectacle.

Inspired by the extraordinary and ephemeral scents of flowers, Master Perfumer Paolo Vranjes has created a collection of fragrances to adorn the spaces of the home reserved for relaxation and downtime with all of the captivating beauty of this season.

Aria, Magnolia Orchidea, Petali di Rose, and Peonia Black Jasmine are just some of our scented creations that can diffuse the true essence of spring into your spaces.


Our journey continues across SIGHT with luminous and varied colours that fill the eyes and heart with positive and rejuvenating sensations.

White, green, yellow, and orange are the colours that best describe this wonderful season.

White represents purity and gracefulness, green the rebirth of nature after winter, yellow is the emblem of the sun and light, while orange is the colour of flowers and a prelude to summer energy. An ideal palette to adorn your favourite places with all the positive energy of this magnificent season.

moodboard con colori verde e neutro e diffusori con bastoncini
moodboard con colori giallo e arancione con lamparfum e diffusore Peonia Black Jasmine


Flowers and plants are the undisputed protagonists of spring. In addition to delighting the eye with their incomparable beauty and amusing smell with their bewitching scent, if gently caressed they give TOUCH an incredibly pleasant sensation that can relax body and mind.

Among the best-known plants able to satiate touch are mint and sage – which leave a soft feeling and unmistakable aroma on the hands. Another plant that undoubtedly implores tactility is the crested celosia, also known as the cockscomb, with velvety petals that provides a softness to anyone who touches it.


Let’s move on to TASTE. Some specimens of flowers are also perfect for giving an exquisite and fragrant flair to salads and desserts. The refined floral scents are able to impress even the most refined palates.

Among the most famous edible flowers we find:

angelica, with hints of liquorice, it’s perfect to complement an exquisite dessert;

carnation, ideal to add a hint of sweetness to biscuits and pastries;

geranium, excellent to accompany cheeses such as ricotta and crescenza;

rose, with its strong flavour, is superb to use in the preparation of jams and to give a dash of colour to salads.


Our journey ends with SOUND.

The lively chirping of birds, the gentle rustle of the spring breeze that animates green meadows, and the pleasant murmur of a babbling brook are just some of the sounds that make spring unique.

Vivaldi’s famous musical composition is dedicated to these sounds, translating the majesty of this season into music.