Sun-drenched and bursting with vibrancy, the summer arrives without warning to conquer all five senses.

Are you ready to live it to the full?

Let’s savour its captivating shades together…


The scents of summer are distinguished for their breathtaking levels of energy and positivity.

Feelings of freedom, relaxation and well-being are but some of the sensations that this warmer season gives us.

Magical sensations are created by the sense of SMELL that allows us to detect summer scents: seaweed, saltiness, citrus and many others.

The summer has inspired many of the creations of our Master Perfumer Paolo Vranjes: Ginger Lime, Pompelmo Cassis, Melograno Menta, Bellini, Chinotto Pepe and ItaliaAcqua completes the palette by capturing the intense and captivating nuances of the sea in its essence.



The colour palette of summer is exuberant: bright and vivid sun-beam tones alternate with fresh and brilliant shades. 

The summer is dressed in:

  • Lemon yellow – intense and bright, it enhances the charm of the living areas. Cushions for the sofa, lamps and elegant vases for plants and flowers;
  • Cornflower blue – soothing and delicate, it balances the mind. Perfect to colour living and relaxation areas with sheets, cushions and why not even a bedroom wall?
  • Persian green – enchanting and exquisite, it gives character and personality to special places: vases, design objects and lamps of this colour add an extra level of originality. 

Combined together or used alone, the colours of summer fill the sense of SIGHT with energy, beauty and vitality.  


Sweet and delicious, summer fruits delight the sense of TASTE with pleasant sensations.

Perfect as a dessert, they are also used to enrich main courses and imaginative appetisers. 

Let yourself be delighted by our selection of combinations created to amaze your guests:

  • Prosciutto and melon: a timeless classic in Italian cuisine;
  • Crayfish tartar with watermelon: a cold dish with a rich and exotic flavor;
  • Buffalo mozzarella Caprese and fresh figs: enriched with pink peppercorns, it offers a very fragrant dish with a surprising flavour.



Summer also stimulates the sense of TOUCH which is often the least trained of the five senses.

Summer lives in a plunge into the salty and refreshing water of the sea; in a barefoot walk on the warm sand or fresh grass; swimming in the crystal clear waters of a mountain spring.


“If it were a story it would be set on the seafront of a long beach. A beach without beginning and without end. The story of a man who walks along this shore and perhaps never meets anyone. His gaze lingers occasionally to look at some object or fragment brought from the sea. The footprints of a crab or a solitary seagull. The landscape is always the sand, the sky, some clouds, the sea. Only the waves change, always the same and different, smaller. larger. Shorter. Longer.”

Ludovico Einaudi

The album “Le onde” by Ludovico Einaudi celebrates the sea. The sea is always one of the places that most represent summer. A journey of SOUND to discover this magical, mysterious and fascinating place.