We live not, in reality, on the summit of a solid earth but on the bottom of an ocean of air.

Thales of Miletus

Air is all-encompassing and forms one of the four classical elements. It is an essential life-force that nourishes our very beings. The characteristic strength, grace, and delicacy of air is synonymous with spring, the season that represents rebirth and harmony. The agile and invisible nature of Air generates well-being, serenity, and balance for both the body and mind. Within this magical and mysterious element, fragrances flicker and flutter. 


“The delicate notes of flowers that have yet to bloom, sparkling in the morning air of the first days of June, green of the grass still wet with dew when trampled

The Master Perfumer, Paolo Vranjes created the Aria home fragrance to provide his perspective on this fascinating interpretation of the mysterious element that seems to be ostensibly void of scent and shape. The fragrance is a concoction of subtle nuances that are almost imperceptible, just as in the graceful nature of air. The Aria fragrance has been expertly composed to soothe body and mind by combining lemon blossom, wild mint, and white musk.


We intrinsically interact with Air through breathing, an inherent and essential action that we must perform to sustain life. We often forget to pay attention to the rhythm of our breathing which changes with mood and differing activities because we consider it a primordial impulse.


Controlling breathing has beneficial effects on the body and mind.

The Yoga technique of Pranayama (a term that can be translated as “expansion of life-force” or “extension of breath”) is applicable when the need to rebalance the body and mind emerge or when we need to manage stress and anxiety.

The following are three simple exercises that can be done anywhere: at work, home, or outside:

1- Place a finger on one of the two nostrils to close it and direct your breath through the opposite one. Continue this exercise, alternating between nostrils until you reach a calm and clear state of mind.

2- Control your breathing: exhale for twice as long as you inhale. For example, if exhalation lasts 8 seconds, inhalation will last for 4 seconds. The technique allows for instant results where both the body and mind can be calmed.

3- Place one hand on the chest and one at the navel. Breathe slowly and deeply until your stomach inflates. Hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale through your mouth. This exercise helps relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.

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