If there is magic
on this planet,
it is contained in water.

Loren Eiseley

Exuberant and vivacious, WATER is a magical element, extraordinarily fluid and versatile: it liquidly adapts to situations. It represents summer, the sea, life: it unleashes strength and energy. Free from shape, colour, and odour, water gives life to the sea that reflects the unique colour of the sky and brings all the flavours of the summer and enchanting sunsets with it.

Do you ever think about the scent of the sea?


“It had a simple smell, the sea, but at the same time it smelled immense and unique, so much so that Grenouille hesitated to dissect the odours into fishy, salty, watery, seaweedy, fresh-airy, and so on. He preferred to leave the smell of the sea blended together, preserving it as a unit in his memory, relishing it whole.”

Patrick Süskind – Perfume


We perceive the power of the sea as a collection of sensations that tickle all five senses: the sound of the waves, the salty breeze that caresses our face, the taste of salt, the deep blue colour, and, above all, its extraordinary scent.

The essence of the sea is not easy to capture. Different elements mingle to provide it with the characteristic sparkling and salty scent that we all know: the sand, breeze, algae, shells, rocks, salt, and memories of happy and regenerating moments spent in its company.

An intense fragrance that conquers us and accompanies us throughout life. The mere memory of its scent is able to make us travel even while standing still by transmitting a sensation of calm and well-being that soothes body and mind.


“A walk on the beach in the early hours of the morning, to listen to the waves and breathe in the scent of the sea when everyone is still sleeping. In this solitude, the sea seems to reappropriate its colours and scents, taking them away from the darkness of the night.”


To celebrate the sea and scent of summer, Maestro Perfumer Paolo Vranjes has created the Acqua fragrance with an added dose of wisdom and dedication: the first of his scented creations and part of “The Four Elements” fragrance collection together with Aria, Fuoco, and Terra.

A delicate, bright blue aquatic scent in which the fresh and plump notes of basil leaves meet the marine and white musks notes. The Acqua home fragrance is perfect to diffuse a scented aura around living areas and that emanates serenity and well-being which spreads the true essence of the sea to the surroundings.