Filipa lives in Lisbon in a colourful apartment overlooking the ocean.

This year she has become a Brand Ambassador for Tory Burch. A great lover of colours, fragrances, and beautiful things, she is also renown as a consultant in the field of fashion and interior design.



Filipa, what’s your favourite colour?

I unconditionally love white and blue. For me they are much more than just colours: they remind me of my youth spent in Greece. They are the colors of the sea, the sky, and summer. Simply put, they make me think about a happy place and therefore they make me happy.

Can you reveal the secret of your creativity?

I have to be honest, my passion for these two colors makes things really simple for me. For example, when I decorated my old and new home, I didn’t have to think long, I already knew how to decorate it.

What role does the “power of perfume” play in your enchanting projects?

Perfume inspires and guides me in everything I do. Especially in fashion projects, it helps me find the right direction to go in.

As for design, I believe that choosing the signature scene of a place is like choosing lighting. It is not at all simple. In my opinion, you can choose a home fragrance that is in harmony with the surrounding space or in pleasant contrast. It’s all a question of the style and the sensations you want to create.

Personally, I love home fragrances. For the longest time, I have surrounded myself with Dr. Vranjes Firenze diffusers – I have one in every room! I find them to be delicate and enduring, perfect for enhancing the charm and atmosphere of my home.

What is your favourite essence?

Jasmine. Without doubt. I covered my terrace with these fragrant flowers. It’s a flower that makes me feel happy, safe and at home. It’s beautiful and refined and simultaneously elegant and modest.

What is your scent of summer?

I don’t wear many perfumes. In general, I prefer baby colognes. I like fresh, clean and subtle fragrances. However, I’ll never relinquish home fragrances. This summer, I am experimenting with new fresh and sparkling fragrances: Acqua, Ginger Lime and Italia. I love them!

Do you already have a favourite fragrance?

Yes, Rosso Nobile is my absolute favourite fragrance. It reminds me of the classic frangrance of grapes. It perfumes my living areas where as I prefer Ambra for the sleeping areas.

The scented creations of Dr. Paolo Vranjes play an important role in my life.

What does Rosso Nobile remind you of?

I like fragrances that reflect my personality. I am a cheerful person, with bounds of hope and positivity and these are the sensations that Rosso Nobile transmits to me.