From the outset of the Covid-19 emergency, we promptly took action with a very clear objective: the health and safety of the people. 

Starting from March 2020, we immediately implemented the government-issued regulations and in some cases, preemptively adopted certain measures in anticipation of governmental decrees that were to come in the following months. 

In just a few days, the Offices, Lab and Production site were reorganised, immediately providing: 

  • economic support for the families of staff who were affected by school closures;
  • investment into technology to allow everyone to work from home;
  • a maximum safety guarantee in production areas, both with continuous industrial disinfection and with equipment supplied to every worker;
  • taking out insurance to protect employees in the unfortunate event of Coronavirus contagion resulting in hospitalisation and intensive care.
The first goal achieved was the safety of all employees and their families, which remains our top priority today. 

But this was not enough because we felt the immense need to put our know-how to the service of the community and make a contribution to those who still struggle every day, constantly risking their own lives to defeat this invisible and insidious enemy.

“In March our whole country was in trouble and we could not just stand by and watch: we had to respond quickly and effectively by whatever means we could” – Paolo Vranjes explained – “Due to this and to make up for the serious shortage of hand sanitiser which occurred at the beginning of the pandemic, we implemented a new organisation and converted most of the production line to create a scented hand sanitiser on a semi-industrial scale, primarily to donate to hospitals”.

To support this special production, we leveraged the antibacterial power of the best-known essences and raw materials such as ethyl alcohol which, combined with the scientific skills of the Master perfumer, Paolo Vranjes and his staff have guaranteed the maximum reliability and quality of the product. 

Unfortunately, the long battle against Covid-19 has not yet been won, but we are not giving up: every day we are committed to ensuring the maximum level of safety to allow all of the Dr. Vranjes Team to do their best work and continue to grow both personally and professionally.