Dr. Vranjes Fragrances

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Dr. Vranjes Fragrances

We bring moments to life with harmoniously blended fragrances that evoke warmth, enchant the senses, and enhance your every day into something extraordinary.

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Understanding Fragrance

The Language of Fragrance

Fragrance is the perfect language for creating a beautifully immersive story, an art that is both methodical and intuitive. Led by our own Master of Scents, Dr. Paolo Vranjes, we start with a palette of evocative essences, the building blocks of our creations. Like a composer, Maestro Paolo Vranjes blends and layers the nuanced notes from more than two thousand essences collected while traveling the world. Like this, we create music for the senses, infusing meaning into a complex blend made to transport you into an immersive atmosphere of enchantment.

Dr. Vranjes’ Olfactory Pyramid

Fragrances by Dr. Vranjes bring together pure essence, artistic vision, and powerful olfactory impressions. Each unique formulation is composed of scents that coalesce into the three levels of the olfactory pyramid: head notes, heart notes, and base notes.

HEAD NOTES are the first to be perceived, stimulating an immediate reaction.

HEART NOTES deliver more intense tones, and represent the essential character of the fragrance.

BASE NOTES ground the fragrance in its deeper chords, subtle yet persistent.


    Giglio di Firenze

    Giglio di Firenze is a delicate yet steady home fragrance. Powdery with elegant and comforting clean notes, it is ideal for relaxing living spaces: bedroom, living room, study-library, and even an entrance.

    Russian cardamom / Iris / Labdanum


    The sparkling notes of bergamot, soft cotton flower, sea notes and fresh vetiver mingle together to create this ambient fragrance with the scent of the ocean. Ideal for bathrooms and spas, this fragrance creates a regenerating and comforting atmosphere.

    Bergamot / Cotton / Marine notes


    A combination of balsamic Siberian pine and green musks, aromatic lavender and vanilla, Terra seeks to capture the energy of the earth. This ambient fragrance is a fresh, soft and relaxing scent, ideal for creating a charming and pleasant atmosphere within living spaces.

    Siberian pine / Green moss / Vanilla


    This delicate aquatic fragrance is born from the fresh and plump notes of basil leaves, sea scents and white musk. A fresh, marine-like home fragrance exudes tranquility and is ideal for relaxation in living spaces and bedrooms.

    Basil / Marine notes / White musk


    This scent emulates the tricolour Italian flag: the Green and balsamic notes of wild mint harmonise with the White heart of bergamot, evoking wonderful walks along the Italian coast.
    The fragrance is warmed by the spicy notes of ginger, a symbol of Red, and of the creativity and aptitude of the Italian people to respond and reinvent themselves upon every occasion.

    Wild mint / Bergamot / Ginger

    Albero di Natale

    This home fragrance brings about mysterious scents of the earth and the undergrowth. Notes of mosses, pinecones and an intense, balsamic edge of pinewood mingle together to create the magic of the season. Soft and fresh, it is the ideal choice to bring energy to living spaces.

    Moss / Pine Cones / Balsam pine woods

    Giardino di Boboli

    Giardino di Boboli is the perfect combination of boxwood and pittosporum, fresh mint and floral narcissus, and rose, with a hint of cyprus. The balsamic and floral scents makes it ideal for relaxation in living spaces.

    Lemon blossom / Green moss and jasmine / Aromatic cypress wood

    Lavanda Timo

    This ambient fragrance is an affectionate embrace comprised of wild Tuscan lavender mixed with spicy white thyme. Lavanda Timo is perfect for places of wellness, relaxation, and regeneration. Devote time to yourself with this fragrance in places such as bathrooms, Spas and bedrooms.

    Provençal lavender / Aromatic herbs / Thyme


    The morning dew meets the fresh notes of citrus and mint. But given time, a balsamic edge that emerges gives way to a more dry note to this home fragrance. Aria gives freshness and a relaxing feel of well-being to living spaces and children's bedrooms.

    Lemon blossom / Wild mint / White musk

    Ginger Lime

    When the fresh citrus notes of lime meet the spicy and energizing ginger a both ambient with a radiant fragrances emerges. Ginger Lime possesses a concentrated freshness, perfect to adorn living spaces with a welcoming and sparkling atmosphere.

    Lime / Ginger / White pepper

    Pompelmo Cassis

    Sparkling grapefruit combines with the decisive character of cassis. Intense and lively, Pompelmo Cassis is perfect to compliment bathrooms and Spa areas, giving lasting energy to interiors thanks to the regenerating aroma.

    Grapefruit / Litsea cubeba / Cassis

    Chinotto Pepe

    A citrus scent with a powerful personality. Within this ambient fragrance, the aromatic chinotto pairs well with the robust power of black pepper. This energy boosting fragrance is perfect to stimulate concentration in study/work areas.

    Chinotto / Cardamom / Black pepper

    Limone Mandarino

    The sparkling notes of lemon and mandarin are softened by a sweet hint of vanilla. Like the sun's light, Limone Mandarino creates a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for adorning living spaces and children's bedrooms.

    Lemon / Mandarin / Vanilla

    Vaniglia Mandarino

    his fruit forward home fragrance is brought to life through a delicate combination of vanilla and Tonka bean, and enlivened by the fresh notes of mandarin. Vaniglia Mandarino is a relaxing scent, ideal for adorning living spaces and children's bedrooms.

    Mandarin / Vanilla / Tonka bean

    Peonia Black Jasmine

    The fresh notes of the Peony meet the intensity of Black Jasmine. The result is a fresh, sparkling, and incredibly refined blend. One of Paolo Vranjes’ newest creations, Peonia Black Jasmine, is the ideal fragrance for filling living and sleeping areas of the house with and leaving a pleasant scent throughout.

    Black Jasmine / Peony / Moss

    Green Flowers

    The freshness of green tea flowers are the basis for this delicate and relaxing fragrance. They are mixed in perfect harmony with citrus flowers. Together, the lightness of spring comes to life in this floral scent. Perfect for adorning living spaces which are specifically for relaxation and hospitality.

    Tea flowers /Ylang-ylang / Vetiver

    Petali di rose

    A fabulous combination of three roses (May rose, Bulgarian and Turkish) with notes of jasmine and ylang ylang. This light floral scent transmits tranquility and peace. Perfect for relaxation and comfort in bedrooms and living spaces.

    Turkish rose / Damask rose / Amber

    Magnolia Orchidea

    A floral fragrance in which the elegant, yet lively notes of magnolia flowers match the softness of orchid. The home fragrance, Magnolia Orchidea is a sweet, sensual, delicate symphony. Perfect to adorn living spaces with energy.

    Mimosa blossom / Magnolia / Orchid


    Calvado's is a fantasy of predominantly red apple notes, spicy coriander, sandalwood and soft saffron. This fruit filled ambient fragrance is perfect for heating and giving energy to the living spaces and filling the room with sweet and pleasant sensations.

    Apple / Galbanum / Sandalwood

    Rosso Nobile

    The sweet and fruity notes of grapes and berries. The soft notes of violet and magnolia. Tannins invoking birch wood. Rosso Nobile is a sublime combination of all these scents. A Tuscan red, perfect for providing a relaxing atmosphere to living spaces.

    Orange / Strawberry and red berries / Birch


    In this flowery and fruit filled fragrance, sweet and delicate notes of fruit harmonize with elegant accents of flowers. In the background, the richness of ginger and vetiver bubble up. A scented dance creates a sparkling atmosphere perfect for adorning living spaces.

    White grape / Peach / Ginger

    Melograno Menta

    The pomegranate base of this home fragrance is given a dry edge by the crisp mint. After the initial freshness, the bitter notes break the sweetness. The peppermint gives an energy to the pomegranate in this fruity fragrance. It is perfect to adorn living spaces.

    Watermelon / Cassis / Wild mint


    In Melograno home fragrance, the lively notes of cassis, the sweetness of the grape and the freshness of watermelon combine together with elegance. With an energizing character, this home fragrance is perfect to give a pleasantly sweet and fresh sensation to the living room.

    Watermelon / Jasmine / Cassis

    Arancio Uva Rossa

    An affectionate embrace between the sweetness of red grapes and the freshness of bitter orange, is made livelier when flowery hints of violet enter the mix. The relaxing ambient fragrance creates a pleasant and comforting sensation, perfect to adorn reception and living spaces.

    Bitter orange / Red grape / Violet

    Arancio Cannella

    A winter poem written in cinnamon and bitter orange peel. The initial scent of orange flowers provides a freshness closely followed by the heated notes of spicy Ceylon cinnamon. This fragrance provides a pure, warming and welcoming energy to living spaces.

    Bitter orange blossom / Orange / Ceylon cinnamon


    The richly mysterious and ancient notes of Myrrh and Elemi meet Saffron, Incense, Vanilla and Calabrian Bergamot in a precious gourmand olfactory blend with a captivating and exquisite character. Mirra Zafferano with its bright orange colour is the perfect fragrance to radiate light and warmth to any space in the home.

    Elemi / Myrrh / Saffron


    This is a fragrance created in honor of the Italian icon which represents elegance and style. Fresh and enveloping, it is perfect to help with concentration in studies and places of work. The notes of litsea cubeba with a citrusy scent, blends with leather and briar root in order to create Maserati.

    Litsea cubeba / Geranium / Sandalwood

    Spezie Rare

    The warmth of spices and aromatic herbs, notes of coriander and mace, together they combine with the fresh vetiver to give life to Spezie Rare. A spicy fragrance that is reminiscent of a distant journey. Perfect for stimulating the mind and helping concentration in the study and work interiors.

    Cardamom / Cloves / Vetiver


    This ambient fragrance embodies sensuality. The intense notes of patchouli, reinvigorated with pepper and sandalwood mix with the sparkling edge of cedar giving energy to all spaces shared with others.

    Patchouli / Pepper / Sandalwood


    Sandalwood, star anise and carnation give life to a spicy fragrance that warms any space like a flame. Fuoco has a uniquely accent which envelopes the senses with spices creating an open invitation for concentration and contemplation in all places of work, study and focus.

    Clove / Sandalwood / Exotic wood

    Oud Nobile

    In this ambient fragrance, the delicate Oud resin and hints of incense and myrrh blend with the Mediterranean bergamot, creating an olfactory bridge that crosses the Mediterranean. Ideal for stimulating concentration in studies and work interiors.

    Bergamot / Oud / Myrrh


    The elegant amber and patchouli base in this home fragrance blends with intense notes of sandalwood and vanilla. The fascinating mystery found in Ambra gives relaxation to living spaces and bedrooms, adorning them with a pleasant and charming sensation.

    Amber / Patchouli / Sandalwood


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