Dr. Vranjes Creams for Personal Care

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Dr. Vranjes Creams for Personal Care

Deeply nourishing and fragrant body creams and essences for pampering your skin.

The Naturally Derived Collection

As a pharmacist, chemist, and cosmetologist, Dr. Paolo Vranjes applied the most effective techniques and expert research to create a line of natural cosmetics that maintain and protect your skin’s vitality. Using high-quality ingredients, his formulas are rooted in the concept of harmony: finding a sense of balance and well-being through the health of our bodies and our environment. From this philosophy, the Dr. Vranjes Naturally Derived Collection was born—a line of products that harness the benefits of botanical extracts to stand up to the effects of time and stress on our skin.


  • Caper of Salina Extract protects and nourishes sensitive skin
  • Florentine Iris Extract purifies and balances combination skin
  • Thistle and Malt Extracts repair and replenish dry skin
  • Hematite and Acmella Extracts tighten and renew mature skin


Currently only available in Italy 

Rosso Nobile Hand Cream

The Rosso Nobile Hand Cream is inspired by the distinct aroma of Tuscany’s best red wines and is ideal for daily moisturizing. It contains skin-nourishing ingredients such as olive oil and Vitamin E, effective at preventing irritation and restoring your skin’s natural softness.


The Date Collection

The fragrances of the Date Collection were inspired by five important people and moments from Dr Paolo Vranjes’ life:


THE ORIGIN for his father

THE HEART for his wife

THE ENFLEURAGE for his granddaughter

EGO for his birthday

THE UNION for his wedding day


Currently only available in Italy 




Dr. Vranjes Customized Spa Line

We can develop a line of cosmetic and fragrance products specially tailored for your spa. We synthesize extensive research, experience, and creativity with a people-centered approach to collaboration.

Our team is eager to build partnerships that enhance your brand with an exclusively customized line to engage the wellness and beauty needs of your clientele. We are able to provide consultation on various aspects, from product development and market analysis to layouts for achieving the optimal olfactory dimension in your spa. Above all, we want to help create unforgettable immersive experiences that merge ultimate relaxation treatments with a profitable and sustainable business model.

To inquire about a spa partnership, get in touch with us here.