For over twenty years, the sublime essence of grape has blended with red berries and birch wood to make Rosso Nobile one of the world’s most beloved home fragrances.


In the late 1990s, master perfumer Paolo Vranjes was in California as a guest of a friend who was a director, enthusiast and producer of wine. 

During an amicable conversation, the friend argued that the number of aromas perceived by tasting a glass of red wine could not be compared in any way to those perceived while smelling a fragrance. He stated that it would be impossible to reproduce the innumerable nuances of a fine, full-bodied and aged red wine in a perfume.

Back home, master perfumer Paolo Vranjes immediately set to work and after three long years of hard work and tireless research, he had the fragrance he created delivered to his friend’s house:

a refined olfactory harmony with an intense red colour, inside an elegant crystal decanter with vine shoots, designed to completely diffuse a captivating atmosphere, inspired by the most precious Tuscan reds.

Since then, Rosso Nobile – as the master perfumer had decided to call the home fragrance – has spread an enchanting, warm and welcoming atmosphere at his friends Farm, where it has become the unmistakable signature scent of his home.

The Rosso Nobile fragrance, with its round and embracing notes, is the ideal choice to provide an original and refined signature scent to the living areas of the home.

Perfect to allow yourself and loved ones, pleasant moments of complete relaxation surrounded by a fragranced atmosphere that brings everyone together.