In the creation of Mirra Zafferano, the Master Perfumer has allowed the most delicious notes to tickle his creativity:

Myrrh and Elemi, both rich in history and mystery, blend with Saffron, Incense, Vanilla and Calabrian Bergamot, to sweeten the seductive edge and create a magical and delectable ambiance. 

I have selected the most precious ingredients, sourced from all over the world, to recreate the warmth and beauty of autumn in every home with all of its flavours, colours and scents.

The result is a fragrance with an alluring, sweet and simultaneously spicy character. With its bright orange colour, Mirra Zafferano illuminates and completes every space in the home.

The perfect choice for those who want to simply indulge or share a relaxing embrace with loved ones in the living areas.

Let yourself be conquered by the new gourmand blend: an ode to the most precious ingredients.

Find out more about the precious ingredients that the Master Perfumer has expertly selected for MIRRA ZAFFERANO.

ELEMI, the natural resin of the Philippines

Elemi is a gum resin that is obtained by cutting the bark of a tropical tree, native to the Philippines. It is produced during the monsoon season when the leaves of the tree begin to grow and blossom.

Since ancient times, Arabs and Turks have used it in the creation of perfumed products.

Its colour can vary from dark yellow to reddish-brown and its aromatic scent evokes the essence of fennel. Compared to other resins, it is distinguished by its unmistakable warm-spicy, balsamic, bitter and aromatic traits.

It has stimulating properties and represents sacrifice and passion.

BERGAMOT, the green gold of Calabria

Originally from the tropical region of Asia, the Bergamot tree now grows mainly in southern Italy, along the Ionian coast of Reggio Calabria.

It is here that this world-prized essence is produced. It suffices to say that every year, up to 200,000 kg of this precious citrus are harvested in this area.

The essence of Bergamot has antioxidant and vitamin properties and the citrus, green, fresh and sparkling aromas contained within gives fragrances an unmistakable edge.

MYRRH, mediator between heaven and earth

The term Myrrh derives from the word “Smyrna”, composed by “Smyro” meaning ‘tear or drip’ and “Myron” means ‘perfume’ or ‘ointment’.

Commiphora myrrha, the tree from which myrrh is obtained, is native to East Africa and Yemen. It has flowers that tend to be green and small rounded leaves. Its bark secretes and exudes a viscous oleoresin-gum in the form of rounded tears: myrrh.

According to ancient legend, Myrrha fell in love with her father, Cinyras the King of Cyprus. Upon realising, he decided to sacrifice her to the gods, but they took pity upon her and transformed her into a myrrh tree, from which Adonis was born. 

This tree grows today in eastern Africa, north of the Equator and in central Arabia. Its unmistakable scent is distinguished by spicy balsamic, bitter and aromatic scents.

SAFFRON, the glorious golden crocus

The saffron plant is originally from the island of Crete. The bulb contains 20 gems, of which only 3 transform into flowers and leaves. The beautiful flower consists of 6 heart-shaped petals. A yellow style is born from the heart of this plant and is divided into 3 stigmas with a characteristic orange color which is saffron.

Legend tells that the nymph Smilax was in love with the young warrior Crocus. Since she was immortal and he was not, the displeased gods decided to punish them by transforming them into two beautiful flowers. The prized red-gold ingredient obtained from the Crocus sativus is the product of this passion. 

Vivid and enveloping, saffron absolute gives strength, radiance and warmth to fragrances.