The new Italia home fragrance is a tribute to our Country, to its beauty and the resourcefulness of all of us.

“In a challenging year, which continues to put everyone to the test, I wish to dedicate my new creation to our beloved Italy, to its timeless beauty and the resourcefulness and courage of us as Italians.

Paolo Vranjes

The Italia home fragrance is bright green, synonymous with hope and the first colour in the Italian tricolour flag. The latter can be seen represented in the design on the neck of the bottle and in the olfactory pyramid of the fragrance.

The Green and balsamic Head notes of the wild mint merge with the pure and positive White Heart of the bergamot, bringing to mind the memory of magical and relaxing, endless walks along the coasts of the Bel Paese. The olfactory emotions are heated in the Base notes of spicy and lively ginger, the symbol of Red, of the energy, creativity and ability of the Italian people to continually and unequivocally rise and reinvent.


The Italia home fragrance is the perfect choice for those who want to give a touch of colour, brightness and positivity to the living spaces of the home.

“It represents and safeguards the hope that after so much pain and sacrifice we can all rediscover ourselves, stronger and more united than before.”

Paolo Vranjes

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