Olfactive Decoration

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Olfactive Decoration

Dr. Vranjes Olfactory Decoration uses the power of pure essences to distill emotion and memory into evocative blends that add depth and vibrance to any space.

“Designing immersive olfactory experience.”

Dr. Vranjes’ Philosophy

The magic of a moment, the charm of an encounter, the beauty of a landscape, the memory of an emotion. This is the philosophy that Dr. Vranjes fragrances bring to life. Not simply a scent, but a mood. Not just a flourish, but an ambiance.

“Olfactory emotions are almost never connected to a personal perfume,” explains our founder and master perfumer Maestro Paolo Vranjes. “Far more often they are linked to the fragrance of an atmosphere, a place, a moment. They are connected to anything that has to do with observation beyond the self.”

The Four Olfactory Atmospheres

At Dr. Vranjes Firenze, we design immersive olfactory experiences for your desired atmosphere. Dr. Vranjes home fragrances give you the opportunity to enhance the allure of any room, inspired by your own tastes, by the volume and light of a space, by the season or occasion. When we create a fragrance, we’re sparking a connection between someone’s outer environment and their inner associations. By transforming a space, we transform a human experience. Discover our scented proposals for creating the four olfactory atmospheres:



Fragrances crafted to greet you as you wake up and tune in to the day ahead. 

Ideal for common spaces and living areas.

Available Product Family:


List of scents:

  • Aria
  • Giardino di Boboli
  • Melograno
  • Bellini
  • Acqua



Essential companions for calming and recharging the body and mind.

Ideal for common spaces, sleeping areas, and any place meant for relaxation.

Available Product Family:

List of scents:

  • Peonia Black Jasmine
  • Petali di Rose
  • Giglio di Firenze
  • Rosso Nobile
  • Terra
  • Green Flowers
  • Calvado’s
  • Magnolia Orchidea
  • Arancio Uva Rossa
  • Melograno Menta



Refreshing blends specially formulated to enhance energy and concentration.

Ideal for study and work areas.

Available Product Family:

Available fragrances:

  • Ginger Lime
  • Chinotto Pepe
  • Oud Nobile
  • Fuoco
  • Arancio Cannella
  • Spezie Rare
  • Albero di Natale
  • Milano
  • Maserati
  • Pompelmo Cassis



Soothing aromas that set the mood for restful sleep and sweet dreams. 

Ideal for sleeping areas.

Available Product Family:

Available fragrances:

  • Ambra
  • Petali di Rose
  • West
  • Giglio di Firenze
  • Lavanda Timo

Special Projects & Collaborations

Around the globe, our fragrances can be found among the finer things in life, from leading retailers and hotels to showrooms and event collaborations with the likes of Mandarin Oriental, Mariano Di Vaio, Marie Claire Maison, and more of the world’s top brands. In 2013, we teamed up with Maserati to debut a customized fragrance that recreates the experience of sitting behind the wheel of the legendary car, immersed in the luxury of wood finish and leather seats. Most recently, Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa asked us to develop an exclusive scented hand sanitizer gel for their guests and spa team, in response to the COVID-19 emergency.The hand gel is now being used at Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa, Londra Palace in Venice, Palazzo Tornabuoni, and more. It’s our goal to continue generating exciting olfactory experiences through dynamic partnerships such as these.

    Both at home and at work our spaces are wrapped in the unique notes of Rosso Nobile… truly unparalleled and sublime.

    Eleonora and Mariano Di Vaio

    For us at the Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como attention to detail is essential to making our guests’ stay unforgettable. The Dr. Vranjes fragrances are the perfect finishing touch to welcome guests upon their arrival to the Resort and accompany them throughout their stay. They make them feel at home and provide the perfect boost to discover all the beauty that Lake Como has to offer.

    Mandarin Oriental Lago di Como

    We at J.K. are considered the “Tailors of hospitality”. We seek to customise each guest’s stay with passion and dedication to make their experience unique and memorable. The partnership with Dr. Vranjes Firenze and its fragrances pair perfectly with our philosophy.

    Antonello Cocco

    General Manager J.K. Place Roma

    We have always tried to place value on the excellence of the region. We offer our guests stays in which they can savour and experience creations first hand from local producers and companies in the area. We have been proud to collaborate with Dr Vranjes Firenze for years, a company deeply rooted in the history of this wonderful region. Together we have worked on various projects, from the creation of personalised fragrances to the proposal of olfactory journeys for our guests which allows us to give an even more unique experience that really encompasses 360° of Florence, even from an olfactory viewpoint.



    Silvia Brighenti

    Senior Director of Sales & Marketing Four Seasons

    As a Florence lover I have always tried to highlight the uniqueness of the Made in Florence. Dr. Vranjes’ scents have always been the olfactory decor of J.K. Place Florence. For the 10th anniversary of our hotel, my dear friend Paolo Vranjes gave me the bespoke fragrance Ambra for J.K. that still scents and welcomes our guests!

    Claudio Meli

    General Manager J.K. Place Firenze

    Smelling the fragrance Pompelmo Cassis, we found that freshness and vivacity that perfectly represents us.

    Alain Bullo

    General Manager Londra Palace Hotel Venezia