Dr. Vranjes Vision

Spaces can become real sensory experiences, thanks to the magic atmosphere of our fragrances. This is Dr. Vranjes' Vision, leading our work for more than 35 years.


Dr. Vranjes’ Vision & Mission

Dr. Vranjes’ tradition is built from Florentine craftsmanship and the alchemy of a chemist, beloved all around the world for our effortless elegance and pure understanding of the best parts of life. We transform your space into the finest version of itself, and welcome you home even when you’re halfway around the globe.

Close your eyes and feel the colors dance, angles smoothed with a dreamy edge, the view from your window framed like a painting. If you seek an atmosphere of warmth and luxurious comfort, look no further. Our fragrances are the perfect touch. Delicate yet indulgent. Enchanting yet familiar. Every day the most special of occasions. At home in the extraordinary. Handcrafted in Florence.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to protecting the environment, helping our communities, and empowering the people who supply, design, produce, sell, and bring home our beloved creations.



Every aspect of our production is thoughtfully designed, sourced, and executed. Our supply chain is mainly centered in the Tuscany region around Florence, allowing us to keep our environmental impact low. We work with local artisans to produce glass cast bottles that are both beautiful and durable. Used with our refill system, this ensures the longevity of our products. At every step, we select materials and shape processes to meet our high standards for quality and sustainability, being mindful not only of what we create, but how we create it. 


An Ethical & Equitable Workplace

Within our leadership and operations, we are committed to cultivating a healthy and supportive work environment. We believe our employees are people first, and it’s important to us to uphold a company culture that supports families and parents.


Charity & Contributions

We are a socially active company and supporter of some foundations present in the Tuscan territory, and beyond. For example, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, we are committed to protecting and helping communities, families, and children who live in conditions of poverty and marginalization all over the world.

In collaboration with the Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence, it is Dr. Paolo Vranjes himself who made worked with the institute’s young mothers to make scented ceramic discs for linen drawers, teaching them valuable artisanal skills for producing items to sell in the Institute’s museum shop.