Paola lives in Bergamo with her husband Riccardo and their four-legged friends, Nadine and Gnomo. Renowned in Italy and around the world as a model and influencer, she loves simple and genuine things such as spending precious moments with her family, who will soon be welcoming a beautiful baby, feeling at home and enjoying it as the place where she can truly be herself.

Rosso Nobile reminds me of Tuscany, a region I’m really connected to because it’s where I spent my first vacations with my husband Riccardo.

When I first smelled this new ambience scent “Rosso Nobile“, I was mesmerised by its warm and enveloping notes. The sweet notes of magnolia, the intense ones of the birch wood, as well as the fruity scent of citruses and red berries literally convinced me.

I’m very much into “Rosso Nobile” because it represents the smell of my house, and it is really embedded in my olfactory memory, I associate it to quietness and serenity.

The scent is wonderful, it gives me beautiful vibes and I know it welcomes me every time I get back home. Most importantly I know it will accompany me wherever I go.